Empowering our people to deliver their best at all times is a continuous process at KY&Y Consulting. The twin objectives of career development at KY&Y Consulting are :

  To provide opportunities to employees to enhance their competencies and in turn achieve career objectives.

To ensure that career development activities are aligned with organizational objectives to achieve growth for both employees and the organization.

Grooming future leaders is critical to the success of any organization. In line with this vision, we have created several programmes that help align individual aspirations in line with the company’s vision. For example, LEAKY&Y(Leadership Excellence at KY&Y Consulting) is a framework that is designed to identify leadership skills for every role in the organization. Through this leadership model, we identify the competencies required by KY&Y Consulting leaders across various levels of the company.

LEAKY&Y is a model that factors in the competencies that define standards of excellence for leadership. Through LEAKY&Y, we aim to create the right environment to tap the latent potential of promising employees and ‘hand-hold’ them all the way to well-defined leadership roles. We do this by defined processes which identify untapped talent and promote leadership skills. LEAKY&Y also gives employees the option of choosing a career path from different streams such as technology, sales, support or project management.

KY&Y Consulting considers each position level carefully and awards appropriate responsibilities as you achieve new career goals. At every stage in your career, you gain new credentials that will help prepare for your next position. Unlike at many organizations, at KY&Y Consulting there's the opportunity to alter your career path midway to better suit your core competence.

After the initial training period, every individual starts off as a Team Member. The primary task is to gain experience with various staffing needs, business process and workforce solutions.

A team member goes on to become a Team Lead where you have the added responsibility of interacting with customers and leading a team in addition to delivery custom workforce needs of different customers.


A Project Manager role ensures growth in the managerial stream. You take charge of a project, set standards, work on building customer relationships, build & manage the delivery team, and interface with other internal departments.

Having proved your capabilities, you can take up larger responsibilities of managing more than one delivery and issues relating to customers, people, and business. As you grow, your role gets further enriched as you take up responsibilities as Program Manager.

For the Specialists in Industry Domains and Technologies, there is a distinct ladder of growth at KY&Y Consulting. For the Pre-Sales, Business Development, and Marketing professionals too, the growth path is uniquely defined. KY&Y Consulting offers definite career paths to everyone. You could be part of any of the these departments : New Initiatives Group, Software Engineering Group, Business Development Group, Finance, Human Resources or Operations.

Your career at KY&Y Consulting is what you make of it. KY&Y Consulting gives you flexibility to move to a job of your choice and map your own career. All open positions are available to employees, thereby encouraging those eligible for a role change. While we manage your growth, we also make sure that each stage of your career grooms you towards eventually taking up responsibility of the Head of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU).

Our performance appraisal system provides feedback from your peers, subordinates, and superiors that will help in your overall development. Our feedback system encourages feedback at all levels. The open-minded approach in all of our endeavors will bring out the best in you. Your position is decided upon by a fair and open merit system not by extraneous factors.

Very few organizations of our size can match KY&Y Consulting's capability to offer the kind of flexibility & opportunity to pursue multiple careers and unhindered growth, while you continue to work in the same organization.