KY&Y Consulting has focused on filling telecommunications engineer jobs and telecom engineer jobs in the communications and wireless industry for almost two decades. KY&Y Consulting’s unique recruiting process provides highly specialized, niche-focused recruiting to meet your project needs.

Our Communications industry expertise includes:

  • Satellite and Broadcast Network Equipment and Parts Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications Equipment and Parts Manufacturing
  • Wireless Switching
  • Transmission Equipment and Parts Manufacturing
  • Communications Equipment and Parts Manufacturing
  • Wireless Telecommunications Services
  • Communications Construction Management
  • Power Line and Telecommunications Infrastructure Construction Contractors


Telecom Engineering jobs we fill include:

  • Site Acquisition Specialist
  • A&E Specialist
  • Zoning and Permitting Specialist
  • GIS Operator
  • RF Engineer
  • DAS Engineer
  • Permitting Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Specialist
  • Construction Manager
  • Project Controls
  • Network Engineer

As Telecommunications Engineering recruiters, we can quickly deliver talent to fill wireless, telecommunications engineer and telecom engineer jobs.

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