Payroll is a top priority for every business, and KY&Y Consulting ensures that your employees are able to rely on your company to pay them on time and accurately.

KY&Y Consulting offers two types of payroll audit solutions to help you achieve a fully compliant and efficient payroll.

  • An outside Tax Compliance Audit by KY&Y will help you to identify and correct any issues that arise from human and system errors, which is likely to be missed by your payroll vendor.
  • Our payroll specialists review your company’s payroll information to ensure that your firm is taxing your employees correctly and following all federal, state, and local tax laws.
  • Our Procedural Audit will focus on ensuring that your organization is taking all of the necessary precautions when processing your payroll. We will review your method of entry and system overrides, and review/reconciliation procedures.
  • Our Payroll Specialists will help you maximize the use of your payroll system, while minimizing the need for manual interventions. We will identify whether you are using your payroll system to their fullest capabilities.
  • At the end of our audit, we will provide you with a written report of our detailed findings and recommendations.
Payroll Audits

KY&Y Consulting can also help you to create written payroll documentation of your payroll process, so that the HR and Payroll teams have clear and concise instructions. In an emergency situation, this will become a very important document.


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