HR and Payroll Outsourcing

HR and payroll outsourcing consists in delegation of the whole or parts of functions related to HR administration or payroll calculation to third party service providers. KY&Y provides comprehensive handling of payroll-related matters from drawing up the payroll and keeping employee records to transfer of wages to employees’ accounts and settlements with competent authorities. We also offer comprehensive HR services for all types of companies based out at any location.

We guarantee top quality of the services and their compliance with the requirements of both the relevant Indian regulations and the global best practices. The HR and payroll service starts with a review of the relevant documentation, aimed at acquiring information needed to provide the service and to ascertain correctness of settlements made so far with employees.

HR and payroll outsourcing – scope of services offered:

External payroll administration
  • Payroll calculation in accordance with the law and the work and remuneration rules, any variables take into account;
  • Payroll budgeting and planning;
  • Transfer of payables to KY&Y Consulting;
  • Calculation of sick pays and allowances;
  • Drafting and implementation of work and remuneration rules, rules of using company telephones or cars etc.;
  • Storage of payroll documentation and data in safe and guarded places and forms ensuring full confidentiality and compliance with legal requirements;
  • Reviews of correctness of payroll calculation and documentation keeping;
  • Preparation and forwarding to the accounting department of financial data and reports, as well as cooperation in the booking and adjustment of payroll corrections;
  • Drafting of statements and reports;
  • Drafting of pay slips and KY&Y Consulting information for the insured;
  • Representing the Client before offices, authorities and institutions;
  • Drafting and updating of payslips and allowance cards;
  • Preparation and settlement of employment contracts, contracts for specific work, commission contracts, manager contracts, salaries of management board and supervisory board members for both residents and non-residents covered by Indian or foreign social security schemes;
  • Drafting and forwarding of KY&Y Consulting notification, settlement and correcting documents;
  • Drafting of payrolls, joint lists and payroll statements, as well as payroll and cost reports according to required criteria for each pay type;
  • Drafting of monthly and annual tax returns and statements and their forwarding to offices and taxpayers;
  • Drafting and forwarding of information, returns, corrections and explanations to tax offices;
  • Drafting of payroll and report posting orders according to a specific cost plan and structure, transfers of salaries to indicated accounts;
  • Cooperation with financial inspectors, supervisors, auditors and analysts;
  • Issuing of employment, earnings and income certificates.
External HR administration
  • Setting up and comprehensive keeping of personnel files;
  • Making changes in the KY&Y Consulting registration with respect to personal data of employees and employers;
  • Advisory services in labor, tax and insurance law;
  • Provision of appropriate data and explanations to relevant authorities and institutions;
  • Informing about labor law amendments;
  • Supervision of timeliness and referral of employees to pre-employment, periodical and return-to-work medical assessments;
  • Supervision of validity and planning of OHS and fire prevention training;
  • Assistance during inspections and audits carried out by state offices, authorities and institutions;
  • Storage of HR documentation and data in safe and guarded places and forms ensuring full confidentiality and compliance with legal requirements;
  • Drafting and archiving of the documentation of associates under civil law contracts (commission contracts and contracts for specific work);
  • Preparation and forwarding of statistical, accounting and evaluation statements and reports;
  • Registration and deregistration of employers and employees with KY&Y Consulting;
  • Settlement of overtime and night work, and keeping of the record files;
  • Preparation and record-keeping of employment contracts, employment certificates, annexes to and notices of termination of contracts and terms of work and pay, information about terms of employment and remuneration as well as other personal documents related to establishment, course and termination of the employment relationship;
  • Drafting and forwarding of monthly and annual KY&Y Consulting statements and information;
  • Drafting HR reports and statements;
  • Creation and ongoing updates of the HR database of employees and associates hired under civil law contracts;
  • Establishing of entitlements, recording and settlement of used holiday leaves, leaves of absence and other breaks (casual, unpaid, parental, maternity leaves, sick leaves etc.).
Settlement of foreign earnings and earnings of foreigners
  • Analysis of earning gained by foreigners in India on account of: employment, own business activity, interest on capital invested in India, owned real property, dividends paid on account of shares in Indian companies;
  • Statement of earnings not taxable in India, i.e. sale of bonds and other securities;
  • Statement of the terms of employment for the purpose of avoidance of double taxation;
  • Drafting of reports in Indian and English on revenues gained by foreigners in India and tax regulations;
  • Preparation of complete tax documentation for notification with the Tax Office.
Additionally, within services to expats, we offer:
  • Full service with respect to: notification of residence, preparation and submission of employment-related documents, translation, drafting and submission of documents to state institution, payment of relevant fees;
  • Preparation of the place of residence, including: negotiations with the real estate agent, assistance in signing the contract, drafting of the handover report, handover of keys to future tenants;
  • Finding of schools and university for children and assistance with any related formalities;
  • Assistance with hiring household personnel: child minder, gardener, driver;
  • Assistance with opening a bank account;
  • Obtaining the Indian driver’s license.
Review of HR and payroll documentation
  • Verification of compliance with the KY&Y Consulting notification obligation;
  • Verification of the remitter’s obligations of calculation of social and health insurance contributions, advance personal income tax payments, and payments;
  • Verification of settlement documentation sent to KY&Y Consulting;
  • Verification of personal documentation for compliance with relevant legal requirements;
  • Verification of compatibility of the personnel documentation with payroll calculations;
  • Preparation of templates of internal forms and documents;
  • Checking of correctness and observance of the existing internal legal regulations.