Modern and effective solutions for recruiting and improving your institution's ability to retain and develop staff and faculty

With increasing competitiveness among educational institutions, campus leaders and human resources departments need to strategically face hiring shortages and talent management challenges. With a predicted turnover rate of at least 50% among senior higher education administrators within the next five to ten years, a focus on attracting and retaining talent is critically important particularly with key decision makers and administrators in higher education approaching retirement.

KY&Y Consulting for Higher Education delivers the right unified talent management technology and services to address these complex challenges head on. Develop and engage campus employees at all levels administrators, faculty and staff.

With KY&Y Consulting for Higher Education you can:

  • Provide growth opportunities within or across the institution for top talent and high potentials.
  • Recruit, develop and retain best-in-breed faculty and staff in a competitive marketplace.
  • Ensure centralized training is delivered and tracked to maintain compliance.
  • We make sure that the temporary employee provided by us brings a fresh perspective and can serve you as perfectly as the permanent one.
  • Make data-decisions and provide instant reports for campus administration on talent management and human capital.

Recruiting and Onboarding Campus Employees

Institutions can source, hire and onboard new employees for positions across campus. KY&Y Consulting Recruiting helps higher education institutions achieve true visibility across the entire talent acquisition process, making it easier to acquire the best talent. Strategically build and manage a talent pipeline of staff, administrative and instructional employees.

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Goals & Performance

Keep employees and their managers on course to reach their goals, provide feedback and award badges throughout the year with KY&Y Consulting Performance.

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Employee Training & Development

Deliver required training and professional development programs to employees at all levels on campus. Improve skills of operational employees, assist instructional staff in maintaining credentials with continuing education credits and prepare high-potential employees for leadership and administrative roles.

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Reporting for Compliance

Accurate and detailed reporting simplifies the availability for compliance reporting including OFCCP/EEOC and other compliance related requirements. Provide human resources and executive administrators the tools to prepare for and meet industry regulations and mandates.

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Succession Management

Leverage visibility of employee skills, potential and performance to identify top talent and provide growth opportunities across the institution. Identify skills gaps, deliver career planning and accelerate learning with targeted development plans.

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Cloud Integrations for HR Data

Best in breed packaged integrators for key HR data from leading HRMS/HRIS systems including exclusive offerings with Ellucian (Banner HR and Colleague HR) and Cloud-Connect with Workday. Other packaged integrations with the most popular ERP systems also available.

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Unified Talent Management

KY&Y Consulting's technology and services move higher education beyond just meeting today’s needs, to developing long-term sustainable, successful, and productive workforces. KY&Y Consulting partners with institutions to deliver programs and solutions that help leaders understand each employee's skills, knowledge and abilities so they may easily and effectively align organizational talent to institutional requirements, execute training and learning initiatives to address any skills gaps and identify key successors for critical roles.

Talent Management


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