Supply Chain Management Offers a Diverse & Rewarding Career.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management Division is dedicated to the recruitment of India’s top procurement and supply chain professionals across all industries.

KY&Y Consulting understands the systems that connect resources, people, technology and information. We pinpoint the competencies and motivations of procurement and supply chain management professionals to ideally match them with a company’s organizational culture to drive success for both employer and employee. Our specialized supply chain recruitment consultants draw on their established personal networks and memberships in professional associations (including PMAC, SCMP), as well as industry-leading social media recruiting strategies, to connect supply chain and procurement professionals and top Indian companies.

Supply chain management professionals now occupy a range of influential positions across organizations. Those in the field work in procurement, purchasing, inventory control, logistics, materials management as well as consulting and senior management. Multinational, small and medium-sized enterprises, public sector institutions and non-profits all employ supply chain management professionals.

Every placement is managed by a recruitment consultant with a background in your area of expertise.


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