KY&Y Consulting offers one-on-one training and coaching programs designed to intensely educate those within your organization who require concentrated training best delivered directly vs. in a group setting.

These fully customized, in-person courses are structured to address the immediate issues the student has experienced and that the client has requested be the focus of the discussion. Each session is delivered in a conversational and engaging format, leaving the participant with behavior altering direction and actionable tools they can apply to their real-world work environment.

A typical coaching session may include:

  • A review of specific situations and issues they have experienced that led to their participation in this session.
  • Detailed workplace scenario review, including current issues and incidents of harassment in the news cycle.
  • The law and Sexual Harassment, as well as the identification of different types of workplace harassment.
  • Role playing to identify appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and reactions.
  • Individual liability issues and concerns tied to workplace matters, and how to avoid them.
  • Extensive discussion, including a detailed question and answer segment, designed to ensure the student is clear on the law, their behavior and the adjustments needed to correct any identified issues.

The training and coaching session will stress interaction with our representative to ensure high impact and definitive results . Our trainers can also be made available after the training session to answer any questions that arise once the course is complete.

For more information about our One-on-One Coaching & Training programs, please contact us at or +91-9654136060. KY&Y Consulting also offers Harassment Investigation Services and Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Employee Hotline Services.


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