If you want staff for a temporary project to achieve important deadlines, for short or long term assignment or just to cover any unexpected absence then Temporary staffing is the solution you must look for, KY&Y Consulting provides end to end temporary staffing solutions which include screening, several rounds of interviews, aptitude tests, cover insurance as well as verification of every important document…

  • Our economical Temporary Staffing Solutions can save you from wasteful expense, as well as provide you with the relevant workforce for the exact period of time.
  • Temporary employees handpicked by us are extremely skilled in their niche
  • We make sure that the temporary employee provided by us brings a fresh perspective and can serve you as perfectly as the permanent one
  • We make sure that the temporary employee provided by us brings a fresh perspective and can serve you as perfectly as the permanent one
  • Make your entire recruitment procedure as fast as lightning by hiring us as your Temporary Employment Agency
Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary staffing solutions by KY&Y Consulting offer hassle free and simple procedures that save you from involved complexities. Expect meteoric growth of your organization with skilled and experienced temporary staff. Organization’s business processes are bound to become more fluid and productive with agile, flexible and result oriented temporary work force.

Jump over the complications of screening, recruiting and training employees and let our team of experienced recruiters sieve the productive workforce, which is sure to continually bring value to the business

Expanding the hiring process on separate distinct level

Our team of recruiters work in tandem with your team to know and identify the exact requirement of hands and skill, by deeply analyzing the job positions at your organization. And fortified by our vast database of highly skilled temporary employees, our recruiters develop a strong communication channel with the deserving candidates, thereby, holding them strongly in the loop.

Though the competition is rife for best of the talents in the market, our sourcing system is much more intuitive that will give employers a whole new level of insight. Once you let us know your requirement, your recruitment worries will start dissolving by the winning results of our temporary staffing solutions.

Email us at info@kyyconsulting.com or call us at +91-9654136060. Our representative will instantly get in touch with you to have a word on your requirement vis-a-vis temporary staffing. Further, we make sure to take control of your staffing requirement, and ring – fence the best of the candidates with the desired skill set for the given job position.