Consultative Sales Skills Training

Our Consultative Selling Skills course is designed to teach participants how to position themselves as a valuable resource to their clients.

This training session will illustrate the importance of clearly defining a client’s needs and objectives, and the importance of developing sustainable relationships. Participants will learn that consultative selling can assist them in delivering value to their clients through effective questioning techniques. The skills learned in this highly interactive course will enable participants to understand what the customer does—and does not—want to buy, so that a proposal can be structured that will give the customer what they want, rather than trying to sell them what the salesperson wants.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • Sales Professionals looking to enhance their selling skills
  • Managers wanting to better equip their sales teams

What This Course Covers:

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the importance of a value approach in building a successful customer partnership
  • Identify different buyer types and behaviors, so the sales process can move along more efficiently
  • Utilize questioning skills to listen to clients and identify their needs, instead of just pitching products and solutions quickly
  • Differentiate the value of your product/service and your company from your competition in today’s highly competitive selling environment
  • Position the salesperson as a unique source of help that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Create contingency plans in case the client perceives a service failure


All classes are available to be scheduled as private sessions for your firm. Course content and duration may be customized depending on client needs.