Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to correctly understand information, a situation, or a problem from different perspectives in order to create the best possible solution. Critical thinking is crucial for business professionals to properly assess situations and plan for the best outcome.

In this course, participants will discover how critical thinking can help to ensure one’s best thinking in any set of circumstances.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • All business professionals who want to enhance their thinking processes to achieve better results in business

What This Course Covers:

Through a blend of lecture, group discussion, and interactive hands-on activities, participants will learn to:

  • Explore how to identify their own and others’ personal thinking style preferences
  • Understand how to flex their style to better work together with others
  • Find out how to identify and challenge “automatic thinking”
  • Utilize a 6 Step Critical Thinking Coaching model to help investigate problems


All classes are available to be scheduled as private sessions for your firm. Course content and duration may be customized depending on client needs.