Employee Training Assessment & Planning Services

KY&Y Consulting can complete a thorough review of your firm’s current learning and development plan, assess overall employee training needs, and craft a go forward corporate learning strategy.


  • Identification of client objectives and goals.
  • Thorough review of past and current training methodologies and tools utilized by the client, including overall learning programming and listing of those roles trained.
  • Analysis of metrics used by the client to determine training impact(s) and effectiveness.
  • Review of recent employee performance reviews, goals, and development plans to gain insight into recurring trends.
  • Completion of feedback interviews with client stakeholders, including employees, managers, and senior leadership.
  • Analysis of succession planning, career pathing, and high potential programs and their alignment with current training strategies.
  • Audit of post-training methodologies intended to reinforce messaging and impact.

After our initial assessment is completed, KY&Y Consulting will deliver a written report outlining:

  • Findings and recommendations for training method and execution improvements.
  • Training course / content recommendations by employee role and function.
  • Options for training delivery, considering internal and external resources.
  • Strategies for connecting training and development initiatives between departments and divisions.

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