Improving Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness

This course is designed to help both developing and experienced managers learn ways to improve their leadership skills and develop a successful team. After determining their personal leadership style, managers will learn to recognize and appropriately manage the styles of others to increase team synergy and communication. By applying the practical knowledge and techniques learned in this course, managers and leaders will be able to improve their effectiveness using motivation, delegation, conflict management, and team performance management.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • Experienced managers and supervisors who want to build and revitalize their existing skill sets to address complex challenges within their team
  • New managers and team leaders looking to develop the skills necessary to manage successful teams

What This Course Covers:

Through a blend of lecture, group discussion, and hands-on interactive activities, participants will learn to:

  • Discover their personal leadership style and approach to management
  • Identify techniques for adapting leadership styles to effectively manage different personalities and approaches within a team
  • Effectively coach teams to success
  • Empower and motivate team members to maximize their performance
  • Determine the appropriate delegation style for different employees and situations
  • Recognize strategies and methods for managing conflict

This training course is also available in a one-on-one coaching format, and can be presented by a trainer should your team require course content be delivered in English.


All classes are available to be scheduled as private sessions for your firm. Course content and duration may be customized depending on client needs.