Workplace Conflict Management and Resolution Training

In this dynamic and interactive course, participants will build their skills to become an effective conflict resolver and mediator, and to recognize conflict patterns and what triggers and escalates conflict in others. Participants will be provided with practical strategies and techniques for reducing conflict escalation, and asserting themselves confidently, giving constructive feedback before, during, and after an event that involves conflict in the workplace. These skills will help participants work more productively and harmoniously with clients, colleagues, and management.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • Individuals who would benefit from helping others resolve conflicts and differences at work whether with clients, colleagues, or vendors

What This Course Covers:

In this course, participants will learn to:

  • Identify factors that create conflict in the workplace
  • Understand basic behavioral styles and how to adjust to each for conflict prevention
  • Appreciate how cultural experience and background diversity affect interpretations of situations
  • Exercise listening skills taught in the program to improve the chances for open communication
  • Evaluate conflicts to determine if they can be resolved
  • Implement a procedure to resolve problems that have viable solutions
  • Seek third-party facilitators when solutions are not readily available
  • Practice stress-reduction techniques to maintain focus and balance in the workplace

This training course is also available in a one-on-one coaching format, and can be presented by a trainer should your team require course content be delivered in English.


All classes are available to be scheduled as private sessions for your firm. Course content and duration may be customized depending on client needs.