Workplace Organization Skills Training

Organizing oneself at work is a constant quest that never ends. Just when you think you’ve made every possible adjustment, a new project or memo will appear. Being organized is a state of being in control of one’s space and time. While handling new or unexpected tasks is a skill in and of itself, there are a few tricks to ensure organization and order in the work place –or, at least, one’s personal work space.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • Anyone who would like to learn quick tips for organizing their workspace, files, email system, and more

What This Course Covers:

In this session, participants will learn to:

  • List barriers to successful organization
  • Explain strategies for reducing clutter
  • Develop an action plan for reducing clutter
  • Understand methods for reducing electronic and paper mail
  • Manage voicemail to reduce time spent checking messages
  • Write SMART goals and explain their benefit
  • Begin implementing goals created during the session

For this workshop series, each session is two hours, and sessions are held approximately once a month for 4 months. Participants must attend all four modules.


All classes are available to be scheduled as private sessions for your firm. Course content and duration may be customized depending on client needs.