"After four years of stellar service, the KY&Y Consulting team remains an invaluable asset to our daily operations, providing experienced candidates for our office. KY&Y Consulting's skill in finding the right talent for the job is backed by a personable, accommodating staff that's always eager to meet challenges head on and in the affirmative. Simply put, they're consistent — they've never given me a reason to look elsewhere for my staffing needs."

Director of Infrastructure Services Team
MPY Technologies


“KY&Y Consulting is the company I trust for my staffing needs. The team is always friendly and professional. The truly understand the needs of the Marketing industry. KY&Y Consulting fosters strong relationships because they truly care about their candidates and clients. During urgency, KY&Y Consulting was able to qualify the perfect candidate within hours and have them start the next day. I know that I can count on KY&Y, and I look forward to continuing my partnership with them.”

Human Resources Manager
Nano InfoSoft


“They placed me at a leading technological training company, where I received firsthand experience in digitizing educational materials. A few months later, when it was my turn to hire for an educational startup, I again approached KY&Y. They helped me identify candidates for a multi-phase project and selected those who had a knack for the type of technology writer or experts that I needed. Working with talent from KY&Y Consulting, I was able to create a first-rate training course in short period of time.

“What makes KY&Y Consulting unique is their approach to client service. They want to be sure that our requirement had been met and fulfilled as per business needs and we are satisfied, and they regularly check in to verify that I’m surviving that grueling, yet somehow rewarding. Also, KY&Y Consulting’s pay approval system runs flawlessly, so I never have to be concerned about unpaid staff or invoices. Thanks, KY&Y Consulting, for always being there for me!”

Training Development Manager
OL Tech Edu


“My experiences with KY&Y Consulting have been positive. They respond quickly to my requests with candidates who meet the provided requirements. In addition, we have hired someone as a full-time employee who was introduced to us through KY&Y Consulting on a temporary basis.”

VP, Human Resources


"As our need for better trained and educated temporary associates has increased during our 4 year relationship with KY&Y Consulting, they have been able to continuously source and deliver quality candidates to meet our demands. I appreciate their support in helping us compete in a tough marketplace."

Manager, Human Resources
YKA Financial