KY&Y Consulting provides rapid, high-quality assessments, deployments, and integration by carefully following established methodologies and using today’s best HR solutions. KY&Y Consulting thoroughly validates your sales, marketing, customer service and employee performance people needs, providing you confidence in deploying high performing HR resources across projects to deliver strategy success.

Carrer Development

KY&Y Consulting continually invest in customer success through Voice-of-Customer (VOC), refining ongoing project development practices, continually optimizing KY&Y Consulting Framework (KY&YCF) based on your feedback. Learn more

Skill Development

Given the dynamic nature of the IT industry, we understand the need to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and business practices. Accordingly, we have configured our training and development programmes which are designed to transform each individual into a world-class professional. At KY&Y Consulting, you can be assured to be at the forefront of learning new emerging technologies and best industry practices. We have a clearly defined roadmap for continuous learning which enhances the intellectual capital of our employees. This is done through a number of focused programmes on technology training, grooming managerial talent and personal improvement. Learn more

Growth Prospects

Building a global team of high Achievers
Grooming future leaders is critical to the success of any organization. In line with this vision, we have created several programmes that help align individual aspirations in line with the company’s vision. Learn more

Life At KY&Y

In the "new economy" you work hard or you perish. But when you like where you are, what you do, and whom you're doing it with, hard work doesn't always seem so hard. Being around nice people is a good thing under any circumstances, but at KY&Y Consulting we believe that people liking each other makes good business sense, too. Learn more

Currert opening

Grab Best Opportunities KY&Y Consulting's enterpreneurial and high growth work environment has attracted top talent; smart, motivated individuals who are committed to helping our customers succeed. Learn more